April 2018 | Looking Toward the Future

April has been a busy month of planning for the future and seeing so many amazing opportunities for growth!

Seeing Survivors Set Free

This last month, another woman has decided to leave the club that she was working in! She has decided to open her own business instead! I have been working with one of our volunteers as she meets with this woman and builds a relationship with her through this transition.

We have also seen many survivors continue to grow after leaving the sex industry. Those who have been trafficked face so many challenges and the road to recovery can be long and difficult. But I am amazed at how these wonderful women overcome challenge after challenge as we journey with them!

Working Toward a Safe Housebbfea04aaae0a05078ec09cccf85db5d

Safe housing is one of the biggest barriers women face when they want to leave the sex industry. So there is a massive need for a safe house for those who have been trafficked in Ontario. Women need somewhere to be safe from their traffickers, where they can rest and recover.

We are currently talking with another organization about an opportunity to parter to open a safe house near the GTA! If these plans for through,, I will be working very closely with this organization and our team to set up the house and prepare staff and volunteers to help run it.

This means that we will be able to provide women with a safe place to go when they want to leave the industry or escape traffickers. It will give them space to to recover and heal, while allowing them to rebuild their lives!

A Visit to Ottawa


This month, I took a road trip to Ottawa to meet up with one of our volunteers. it was incredible to hear in person all that our Ottawa volunteers are doing and learn more about how we can support them! We are working closely with them to support 4 survivors who have left the industry this last year!

Looking Toward the Futuredownload.png

I recently received news that I have been accepted into a Masters Program at York University! I will be completing a two-year MA in Development Studies. This is an amazing opportunity that will allow me to focus my studies in the global sex trade and human trafficking in Canada and abroad!

I am so excited to be able to continue my studies in a field that I am so passionate about while working with Fight4Freedom. It is my hope that through my education, I will be able to conduct meaningful research on the sex trade and human trafficking that will benefit my work at Fight4Freedom and benefit our society in general.

Legal Changes

In the last few weeks, plans have been put forward to change our laws on prostitution and fully decriminalize it. This is meant to protect sex workers and monitor the industry. However, this change could, in fact, make human trafficking easier, and put more people in danger. We have seen this happen in other countries that have implemented this law.

It is my hope that law makers will be willing to have conversations about the importance of protecting individuals from exploitation and human trafficking. Pray that there will be fruitful conversations on this topic and that protection from exploitation and trafficking will be at the front of everyone’s minds.


  • Pray for this Safe House, that we can work together with this partner organization to make it happen! I so desperately believe that this is God’s desire too!
  • Pray for a young girl in the GTA who we believe is being trafficked as we work with the police and her family to help her find safety and support.
  • Pray for our leaders and law makers as they develop new laws, that they are willing to protect those being exploited and trafficked.
  • Pray for our survivors that they will continue to grow and that I can continue to be the support that they need!
  • Pray for our city of Toronto as we process the tragic attack that occurred this past week. That those injured would be healed, that those who lost loved ones would be comforted, and that we can continue to come together to heal as a community.

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