Freedom February

Happy February!

What an amazing start to the year it has been. January passed in a flash and yet so much has happened. Our outreach teams have been making incredible connections with women working in the sex industry, I am continuing towork along a survivor of trafficking as she rebuilds her life, and we are growing our capacity and network!


The volunteer team that I do outreach with, visited two strip clubs at the beginning of January. These clubs have previously been very closed off and would not allow us to enter. However, on this last outreach both clubs allowed us into theirmain floor and we were able to connect with so many incredible women! We got to meet women who are in the sex industry and learn just a little about their stories. We were able to share a little about ourselves and tell them just how much they are loved by us and by God. So many of the women were blown away by our willingness to get to know them and love them unconditionally. We are praying that God will continue to grant us access to these clubs and that we can build really meaningful relationships with the women there and allow them to experience God’s love!

Another one of our teams has built up a relationship with a woman who has decided to close down the massage parlour that she was running. It is incredible to see God working in peoples’ hearts. We are praying that as she closes the business, that she will be able to find other work and that the girls working there, will want to leave the industry as well.

Journeying with Survivors

20915101_849524058557709_2061118007672208538_nIt is such a privilege to walk alongside a woman when she leaves the industry. Working with her to empower her to rebuild her life is an honour. I am journeying with one woman right now who we previously found housing for. We are providing her with financial support and assisting her as she is now searching for a job. I love being able to experience the highs and lows of life with this woman and I am astounded by her growth and achievements in just the last few months!

Where we are Growing

Over the last month we have begun to build a database of organizations that we can partner with to assist survivors. It is so exciting to see wh

at supports are out there for women and to have those resources available to assist them. We have already been able to use this database to provide survivors with additional support and I can’t wait to see where this will take us.

The Month of February

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 3.21.49 PM


FabFebThis month, Fight4Freedom is holding a month-long fundraising challenge called FabFeb. All of our staff and a number of our supporters and volunteers have committed to wear either a bowtie or a bold coloured lipstick for the entire month. We are doing this to be bold and stand out so that we can start conversations about human trafficking, raise awareness and fundraise.


The youth from my church, Spring Garden, have become so passionate about fighting human trafficking that they have decided to hold a fundraiser themselves on January 25th where we will be selling baked goods and artwork to raise money for Fight4Freedom. If you would like more information about this you can take a look at our Fundraiser Page or send me an email at

Support Raising 

I want to extend a special thank you to all of my donors! It is because of you that I am able to do this work and I am so honoured that you are participating in this ministry! I am so blessed by each and every donation that I have received, and I know that you are investing in God’s work. Because of my donors I have been able to raise 75% of my salary already! I can’t believe it! The support that has come in has blown me away!

As I strive to raise the remainder of my salary I am looking for a few monthly – or one time – donors who would be interested in joining the fight against human trafficking. If you are interested in doing this or if you know anyone that you think might be interested, please check out my support page, or send me an email to


Through the month of February please pray that our outreach teams will continue to build relationships with women and that we would see women leave situations of trafficking.

Please also pray for the survivors we are working with, that they would be constantly reminded of how deeply they are loved and how incredible their strength and beauty is.

Please also pray for our staff team, that we would have wisdom and strength in all areas of our work!


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