A Season of Being Amazed


In this month leading up to Christmas, I have been so amazed by all of the incredible things going on at Fight4Freedom! We have been growing so much, working with survivors, and have met another woman who has expressed an interest in leaving the industry!

Just last week, we had a Christmas party with some of our volunteers and heard so many stories of how our volunteers are making an impact! Many of our teams have developed close friendships with women working in strip clubs and massage parlours, and have been able to share the love of God with them! One of our teams has even had a woman express an interest in leaving the industry! We are working alongside this woman to help her in the process of exiting and will continue to walk with her and support her once she has left the industry.

I attended an outreach with one of our volunteer teams this month, where we visited two strip clubs. While there, we had the opportunity to speak with a number of women! It is so amazing to see God working and opening doors for us to build relationships in places that we would never have expected!

I am working with a woman right now who has left the industry. This month, we were able to assist her to find stable housing and are now walking alongside her to empower her to get back up on her feet and flourish! It is so exciting to be allowed to take part in transforming people’s lives and helping them to grow and prosper!

I am so deeply grateful to all of my donors and supporters. That you all so much for entrusting your resources to this work, it means the world to me! Through you, I have been able to raise nearly 60% of my goal in only three months!

Over the Christmas season, I am looking to find five new donors who are willing to support me on a monthly basis. If this is something that you would like to know more about, or you know someone who would like to take part in the fight against human trafficking, please send me an email at kaitlyn@fight4freedom.ca.


As we celebrate Christmas please pray for the women and men who are in the sex industry who not able to spend Christmas with their families this year. Please pray for their safety and that they may feel loved this season.

Please pray our survivors, that they will be able to get back up on their feet, and that they may be able to grow and flourish as they are restarting their lives.

Please pray for our team to continue feeling encouraged, that we would be safe and have discernment as we continue doing outreach, working with survivors, and spreading awareness in the coming year.

And please pray that we would be able to work with more and more men and women who want to leave the industry in 2018!

As we move into the Christmas holidays, I want to wish you a joyful Christmas and amazing New Year!


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