Will You Join Me?

Dear Friends,

I have been presented with the most amazing opportunity to work with victims of human trafficking as a Regional Representative and Survivor Care Specialist with an organization called Fight4Freedom!

Fighting human trafficking has been a lifelong passion of mine. From the moment I learned that people just like myself were being exploited against their will, I have felt a call to fight for its end. On this journey, God first brought me to Tyndale to study International Development and has now invited me to take the next step as an advocate and support for human trafficking victims right here in Toronto.

Human trafficking is happening all over the world when people are exploited for a profit, through coercion, abduction, and threats. It most commonly occurs when women and girls are forced against their will into prostitution. And this is happening to thousands, every day, right here in Canada. Fight4Freedom is working to change that. As a Toronto based non-profit organization, they work to be an advocate of justice for victims of human trafficking; to assist them in their journey of safety, freedom, healing and restoration. My role is to support volunteer teams in Toronto in their outreach to strip clubs and on the streets, and to work with and support survivors of human trafficking as they transition to safety.

I desire to work tirelessly as an advocate for the thousands being exploited here in Canada and I would love to have you walk with me in this journey. Your prayers, support, and participation will be vital to the work I am doing with Fight4Freedom! If you would like to join me in this mission I would be honoured to have you walk with me in a number of ways:

Prayer: Please consider joining me in prayer, throughout my journey with Figh4Freedom, your prayers will be so greatly needed as I work alongside women who have experienced more pain than I could even imagine.

Support: Your financial support of my work in this mission will allow me to continue to fight with all that I have for these women. Would you consider praying about giving a one-time or monthly contribution to my work with Fight4Freedom?

Participation: If you feel that you would like to join this fight for the freedom of exploited men and women, you can even join me as a volunteer with Fight4Freedom.


Kaitlyn Williams

“To serve is beautiful only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”

If you are interested in supporting my work with Fight4Freedom please email me at kaitlyn@fight4freedom.ca


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